“I stay at home.”

That’s the answer I typically give when people ask what I do. It sounds so domestically dull.

What a misleading answer!

I get that the relevent information I’m relaying with that statement is “I don’t go out to a day job; no opportunity for career small-talk here.”

But here’s what’s really running through my brain:

“I’m the personal assistant to nine people.

I’m the

  • fever-watcher,
  • puke-catcher,
  • med-tracker,
  • personal shopper,
  • short order cook,
  • gourmet chef,
  • baker,
  • appointment-maker,
  • calendar-keeper,
  • budget-saver,
  • homework helper,
  • travel planner,
  • nutritionist,
  • personal trainer,
  • maid and
  • laundress.

I can’t even REMEMBER the last time I spent a full day at home.”

I’m writing to share tips, tricks, methods, and recipes that can make your home life more enjoyable and efficient.


I’ve been a single college student, newlywed, and I currently manage a houseful of nine.

I’ve developed and implemented budgets, knocking out consumer debt.

I’ve pre-schooled, public-schooled, home-schooled, and cyber-schooled my children, and taught dozens of others.

I’ve run a small backyard hobby farm with sheep, goats, chickens, and ducks.

I’ve moved more times than I can count, bought and sold 6 homes around the country. I’ve got you covered with ideas for house prepping, staging, packing, and moving!

I cook and bake real food from scratch most days. I love sharing recipes! More important, I’ll teach you cooking and baking techniques so all your recipes turn out amazing!

I sew, quilt, repair appliances, lay tile, and paint houses. We are always in the middle of a remodel project!

As a Mormon volunteer, I lead Boy Scouts, teach Sunday School lessons, and write Primary programs. I have great ideas for church callings!

Life is full of so many great adventures. If I haven’t tried it yet, I probably will soon. The roller coaster of my life will just keep coming.

The mini-series I post here can shorten your learning curve. These are the ridiculous, crazy, and absolutely essential things I wish I knew earlier!

Jump on this coaster and adventure domesticity with me.