March 2019 Audiobooks

Purchase date: March 7, 2019    A Mind of Her Own by Paula McLain

Review: This was a free Audible members offering and I listened to it in one night. I loved it! It covers Marie Sklodowska Curie’s university study years until the time she got engaged, focusing on the courtship with Pierre Curie. I learned about her familial commitments, her effort and determination, some of the health costs she suffered for her work, and the science research she was doing. The romance was sweet and charming.

Purchase date: March 8, 2019 Wishes and Wellingtons by Julie Berry, read by Jayne Entwhislte

Review: Free to Audible members in March. I tend to do lots of self-help and how-to books. This is fiction and a delight. I highly recommend it. It deals with human/moral issues like loyalty, boundaries, and personal growth. No romance, no foul language. It’s funny, heart-warming and brilliant. I list the narrator’s name here because she deserves it: her performance is the pinnacle of narration. I loved Jayne’s performance so much I spent time googling her. She’s fabulous, the story is fabulous, there’s nothing holding you back from this book. Go get it; you’re welcome.

Purchase date: March 28, 2019 If God Were Your Therapist: How to Love Yourself and Your Life and Never Feel Angry, Anxious or Insecure Again  David J. Lieberman PhD

Review: This was solid but a bit dry for me. I got it because I read a paper copy of Make Peace With Anyone by the author and liked that. Boundaries, self-regulating thoughts and interactions. Judeo-Christian values.

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