Jan 2019 Audiobooks

I love my Audible membership! Here’s what I lsitened to and what I thought about it.

Purchase date: Jan 14, 2019        The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Review: Love her! Gretchen self-studied by tackling a new category in life (finance, friendship, physical fitness) each month and making a concerted effort to increase her abilities and enjoyment in her own life. I didn’t know other people did this, or maybe I didn’t know not everyone did this. I’ve conducted these experiments on myself, for myself, but didn’t realize that a one person sample was enough to write about. Silly me: Gretchen’s book’s a best-seller. I love her no-nonsense tone and her willingness to try and also drop things if they don’t work for her.

Purchase date: Jan 25, 2019        Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

Review: Great book on negotiation. I listened to it twice. My take-away: repeatedly ask the question “How can I do that?” while negotiating. Also, save up so I can spend time training at Voss’s Black Swan company to be a better negotiator and (side perk) pretend I’m a secret agent.

Purchase date: Jan 31, 2019       Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

Review: This was free to Audible members the month I downloaded it. I lost interest about ¾ of the way through. By then I questioned some of his life choices, including leaving his wife and child to be his best version of himself, continuing to run on splintered bones repeatedly (claiming the splintering makes his bones stronger – the opposite of what the pediatrician told me when my kid broke a bone), and the extreme lengths to which he’s gone to prove himself. He seems to be bent on punishing or proving himself, both of which cause me pause in taking his life advice. My brother was a Marine and is currently in the Army. He said people are physically and mentally capable of much more than we can imagine. I believe it. I think this is Goggins’ point, too, but he’s way over the top for me.

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