Sophia’s a teenager!

Sophia turned thirteen!

Sophia found a few photos of Tiki cakes and we came up with our own version.

Her dad convinced her to go with funfetti-flavored cake mixes, which we made last Sunday. Six 9 inch layer cakes from three box mixes. Cooled, leveled and into the freezer Sunday night. Freezing preserves them, crumbs are brushed off without the possibility tearing the sponge, and during assembly the icing sets up fast between cold cake layers.

Wednesday I made easy homemade fondant and two batches of buttercream frosting I assembled four layers but Soph wanted five, so on went another layer. With a light crumb coat, I was out of frosting! It was nearly 10:00 p.m. and we loaded the cake in the fridge and went to bed.

Thursday we whipped up another batch of buttercream, a batch of rice crispy treats for the Tiki base, dyed, rolled, wrapped, and painted fondant. We put everything in place and finally we were done!

Happy birthday, and the best year yet, my Texas darling!

Sophia at her second birthday!
Sophia turned seven!
Sophia turned thirteen!

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