PFMC Music Club Opus One

One of our highlights each month is attending a local Pennsylvania Federation of Music Clubs chapter in our area, Opus One.

The attendees are current piano teachers, singers, professors, and music enthusiasts. We attended when I homeschooled all my children four years ago and Hunter immediately requested a return when he began homeschooling this year.

The source of his enthusiasm remains a mystery.0312181054

Besides the treats, we have concert-quality performances and great lectures or audio-visual presentations. Each year the club determines a course of study. We’ve enjoyed live ballet performances set to Russian classical pieces, watched clips of Broadway musicals, and learned about the spiritual lives of great composers.

This month we learned about Ludwig van Beethoven and were treated to at least four live performances during a fabulous PowerPoint presentation.

Naturally the little girls struggle to keep still and quiet, but I’ve found this venue welcoming and understanding of their learning process. I take them out into the hall when necessary, but have never felt anything but a warm welcome when we’ve attended. I’m so grateful!

For more information on Opus One, see this news article

I recommend seeking out a music club in your area. It’s great for anyone with a love of music.


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