Visiting Dad’s Office

As I drove Hunter to school for band lessons Rosalyn announced her sudden, urgent need to use the potty. Never mind that I asked her about using the restroom before we left the house.

Josh’s workplace is only a few minutes away from the elementary school, so I got Hunter into his school and raced over to the office.

The little girls were a big hit at work.

After a loud trip to the ladies room where I had to give instructions on the locking of stall doors, describe the varied hand soap options available, and the girls were rewarded with suckers, I suggested we visit their dad’s actual office.

We climbed the steps to the second story and I took a few photos. Yes, Josh joined the littles in rewarding himself a sucker.0312181149

I love this wall hanging quilt I made for Josh a few years ago. I made it in a week and kept it a surprise from him until Father’s Day.

I forget about it, having only had it completed at home for a day before it made it’s way to his office wall. It was about time to get a snapshot!0312181149a

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