Baritone Bell Bash

Note to self: “fine musical instrument” means “extremely delicate musical instrument.”

Last week the two-year-old dropped something into the nine-year-old’s baritone. Hunter and his dad looked for the item from the wide end, but couldn’t see anything or shake anything out. Josh declared nothing was in there.

Hunter went to sectional practice yesterday and his teacher agreed something was in it, but she couldn’t get it out. She gave Hunter a loaner baritone to get through his lesson.

He pulled out his horn today and told me something was still in it. I started calculating which day I can go to the music rental shop this week.

Next thing I know, Hunter shows me this:0320181433a

He said he had no idea what happened, but his face told a different story. Eventually he told me a more accurate version of the truth. He was tapping the bell on the floor to get the object out. Then his sister ran into him and he fell on the instrument.

It looks like a cabbage leaf!

I have no idea what the expenses will be, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be crying after we visit the music shop tomorrow.

It’s past time for the kids to switch from band to chorus.

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