Post-Secondary Planning Meeting, 14 March 2018

Meredith whipped up this S’mores pie for Pi Day celebrations at school.

I spent two hours at the high school with my oldest and his guidance counselor going over post-secondary plans.

A week ago I reviewed all that Helaman will be doing this year and he seemed surprised.

Helaman is taking the ACT and SAT this Spring. He applies to BYU and BYU-I in the Fall, has a district-required Graduation Project that takes 15-20 hours, and prepares his LDS mission paperwork. He’s eligible to leave for his mission after high school graduation, around 1 June 2019. In the meantime, he’s working and will take a few more classes at the community college. It’s going to get busy next school year!

His counselor was great, talked about options for bringing up his Math grade. There are two weeks left in this 9-week period, and he recently “blanked” on a test he took. It sounds like there’s an approachable Math teacher available during ninth period when he doesn’t have a class. Bonus: on days that he stays to work on math I don’t have to pick him up. He checked his math test at home tonight and noticed he was making simple errors, like switching sin and cosine. His calculations were solid, but he was putting the inverse answer.

Helaman excelled in his community college math placement testing, so I’m looking at getting him into a dual enrollment course at college to fulfill his high school math requirement for Senior year. I keep trying to talk him into going to community college for all his classes next year, but he’s looking forward to the electives in computer science he can take at high school, so that’s that.

I asked his guidance counselor about Olivia taking only Vo-Tech and community college next year. It’s an option! She wouldn’t have to attend any of her local high school classes and can still get her district’s diploma as long as the college classes meet the high school requirements. That’s what she was hoping to do, so she was happy to hear the news.

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