Carpal Tunnel, Ulnar Tunnel, and Vitamin B

I have good news and bad news.

Good: My carpal and ulnar tunnel symptoms have subsided after about 10 days of taking Vitamin B6 and B12.

Bad: I spent $150 and sixteen months to learn my problem had a $10 solution.

About a year and a half ago I noticed my hands and forearms would go numb or tingle. It happened any time of day or night and in any position, while I was active or resting. I started sleeping with my arms straight rather than bent at the elbow on a friend’s recommendation. It seemed to help some, but my symptoms didn’t disappear.

I was then dealing with a painful case of plantar fasciitis and wanted to resolve that before moving onto my arm and hand pain. That fix only took ten months! The pain and numbness in my hands and arms got progressively worse over the following year.

I saw my orthopedist in November ($50 co-pay) and he said it sounds like I have carpal tunnel and ulnar tunnel. He recommended I see another specialist who could detect how bad my nerve damage was. Getting through the holidays was a higher priority and I didn’t follow up until his office called me in February, asking if I used the referral to the other specialist. Oops!

I got in quickly ($50 co-pay).

It was a fascinating appointment! The test she performed involved poking my skin with a needle at various points along my hand and forearm, which sent electric shocks to my nerves. They started mild and got stronger. My muscles jumped. I didn’t watch, but passed the time chatting with the doctor.

When it was over, I looked down expecting to see quite a few little pinpricks bleeding. It looked like it never happened! It was the coolest thing ever! I had no idea you could penetrate the skin and not draw blood!

At the end of my visit, the doctor told me I have very mild damage from the carpal tunnel and none from the ulnar tunnel. Great news!

I went back to see my orthopedist two weeks ago ($50 co-pay) and he reviewed her findings. He said at the levels I’m at, taking Vitamins B6 and B12 would do the most good. I asked about physical therapy or massage or sleeping with my arms straight. Nah, not at the levels of damage I’m at. The most effective thing is to take B vitamin, a combination of B6 and B12. What about the brand? He said any will do.

I bought sublingual vitamin B combination at Wal-Mart (less than $10) and have been taking a dropperful of it daily for a week and a half. My painful tingling and numbness have consistently reduced: I didn’t experience symptoms at all today. It’s amazing!

I only wish I knew this without the expense and that I hadn’t waited for so long to deal with it!

Now you know!

(Disclaimers: Overdosing vitamin B can be harmful, I’m not a medical doctor, I’m certainly not your doctor. Just sayin’: if I had any idea Vitamin B was a recommended solution, I would have tried it earlier. Wrapping Christmas presents could have been much more comfortable in 2017).

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