Tenant search

Our tenants let us know in the past month that they are moving out. They’re buying a house in the neighborhood. We’ve already got the rental house listed as a rental on Zillow and Facebook.

We lived in the house for two years and moved out eight years ago. A couple years ago we learned that the recently-evicted tenants hadn’t been paying their utility bills when the gas was shut off during a cold spell and the pipes froze and burst. Water damage impacted all levels of the house and our insurance did a great job getting a company in to dry it out immediately.

We used a professional drywaller but because the insurance payout amount was low enough, we didn’t have to hire all professional contractors. Instead, we used the funds with our own labor to make the necessary repairs an upgrade. We tiled the kitchen and upstairs bathroom floors. Josh put hardwood in the entry, powder room and formal dining room. I painted, and need to credit friends and family who helped us.

While we worked on the house, we figured our improvements would make it easier to sell when that time came. Whenever tenants move out, selling is a consideration, but for the time being, we’re looking for new tenants.20150920_163903.jpg

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