The Business of Acting, 7 March 2018

Liv stayed home again today, hopefully it will be her last sick day this week.

When I picked Helaman up from school he said he was feeling sick. I wonder how many of us will get this before it’s over.

Rosie threw up this morning around 7:00 a.m. Josh is experienced enough to recognize the signs and grabbed a plastic tub for her to aim for, so our bedspread was saved. She’s been feeling poorly all day, but no more throwing up. Ibuprofen for fever and lots of naps for that little cutie. I’m dreading brushing out her hair after she recovers.

Tonight I had my “Business for Acting” class downtown. There were about 15 of us and it was fun. I learned a lot and still have more to learn.

Some of my besties in college were film majors and I helped out a little on their student projects, but man! There’s a lot to learn about this business.

Here are three general audition rules that were hit home again:

  1. Smile and make eye contact! Basics of public speaking, but we all need the reminder.
  2. Wear solid clothing unless otherwise directed. I learned this as an ASL interpreter. Patterns distract.
  3. If you’re uncomfortable, fake it. That’s kind of the business of actors. . . ACT!

There was tons of new-to-me info and good discussion. Katie Shenot was personable, put me at ease, and I recommend the class.

I found it by visiting

In the meantime, I have homework. . .

Catch you later!

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