Daily Records 27 Feb 2018

Liv texted me this morning to let me know that there were only eight students in her Math class. All high school parents received a district email last night or this morning about having received threats of school violence. The police were involved but the email was meant to be reassuring. I guess it didn’t work: lots of parents decided not to send their kids to high school today.

Of course, I was clueless.

Liv says she didn’t know about it until Math because she spends the first part of the school day off-campus at Vo-tech. But that entire period was spent talking about the threats. Her math teacher didn’t send her own child to school today and said she doesn’t plan to through the end of the week.

Rumor is that something big is going to go down on Friday. There were separate threats against the Senior High and the Intermediate High.

I texted Liv back asking if she felt safe and she said yes.

When I got to work tonight, one of my high-school-aged co-workers said she heard that one suspect’s in jail and another’s been caught. I hope that’s the end of it.

Josh showed up at work tonight while I happened to be taking a 10 minute break. He brought a bouquet of flowers.

A co-worker who’s a senior this year couldn’t believe it. She said she needed to take a picture to send to a friend, to show her how a real man should treat her. We posed for the photo and I added “Yeah! She deserves to have a guy bring her flowers.”

I’ll never forget overhearing a conversation between a mother and her pre-schooler while out shopping.

The little girl said something like “I’m gonna ask my daddy for that.”

Her mom answered, “Good luck. I been married to him and he still ain’t bought me a wedding ring.”

“He’ll get it for me,” the child insisted.

“Nope. You’re not gonna get anything outta your daddy. He gonna get stuff he wants, not what you want. That’s how it is.”

I wanted to interrupt and tell them both they deserved better. I realized the mom (and absent dad) were laying the groundwork for their girl to accept poor treatment from her future husband. I didn’t then, but I’ll say it now: You deserve to be treated to an occassional trinket, a wedding ring, and a bouquet of flowers.

Anyone who doesn’t treat you right doesn’t deserve you.

As Josh left after our visit my co-worker told him “You’re my new model for what a real man is.”

Well done, babe!

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