One little won big, 24 Feb 2018

Josh and Liv knocked out 8 hours of service this moving couches for friends and family. Helaman spent about 5 hours helping and Mer spent 3 hours. Go, Team Tillotson!

I got Sophia to gymnastics and then tried picking up my ADHD meds at the pharmacy. Thing was, there were none waiting! This goes to show you how helpful staying on them is. Meanwhile, I requested a refill.

Tonight I worked, as usual, and missed our annual invitation to the Park U.P. Church’s Game Dinner. It our fourth or fifth year and we are honored to be guests. Parishoners bring their best wild game dishes to sample. That, folks, is how I’ve tasted bear. After dinner, we move to the sanctuary and hear a message about hunting, fishing, and God. I was super bummed because this year the presenter was a fisherman who delivered his message in American Sign Language, my college foreign language of choice. The message is followed by a raffle and my children have won some great hunting gear over the years: pocketknives, T shirts, fishing rods, ball caps and satchels.

Around 8:30 I saw Hunter’s smiling face at the front counter. He won a gun! He said it was “a 22” with that lift in his voice that means it’s more of a question than an answer.

The rest of the family followed but Liv, who opted to stay home for the night. JOsh confirmed Hunter had won the .22! Rosalyn was excited because she also won a gun. A black powder rifle, the top prize of the evening. My four-year-old won the prize raffle item at the event this year! She says to me “I have to tell you: I’m sorry. I’m not big enough to shoot it yet.”

“Oh honey, that’s okay. We’ll keep it in the safe at home until you’re bigger.”

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