Fierce and Feisty, 26 Feb 2018

Today after school I had to run Mer and Rosie to the Doctor for their annual well-checks. Yes, it’s about 6 weeks past their birthdays, but once you let the deadline slip, insurance makes you wait a full year before the next one. On the ride down Mer told me the story of the day:

Mer was sitting at lunch and the girls at her eighth grade table were talking about sex. Mer sat there with her hands on the sides of her face, like a horse’s blinders, but she said the dirty-talking girls on one side were so loud she couldn’t block them out. She said they were super descriptive and she sat there, thinking “I’m being scarred for life!” She hit her limit and turned to the offenders, saying, “Shut your perverted mouths before I shut them for you permanently!

She took her lunch and moved to a nearby table where another friend was sitting.

Three girls from the original table joined her a few minutes later with reports. After Mer left, one of the offending girls said she could “take” Mer in a fight. Another seemed confused by the uproar: “We’re not perverts, we’re just talking about sex.”

Mer asked me in the car to “remind me never to go to a movie theater again.” Eww.

Liv later said, “I would have probably just ignored it and moved to another table the next day.” Yeah, me, too.

I love my feisty girl Meredith! She is a great example of the Shakespeare line “. . . though she be but little she is fierce.”

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