Daily Records 23 Feb 2018

0212181230gThe strawberry shortcake (minus ice cream) was a big hit for breakfast.

But around 5:00 a.m. poor Juliette woke up and came crying for mama. I nursed her in our bed and then got up to put biscuits in the oven. Jules came wandering out of our bedroom, crying, and Mer picked her up to console her. Mer says it’s lucky she has quick reflexes because she barely avoided Juliette’s vomit. By the time I arrived on the scene, Juliette was standing in the loft, throwing up and looking confused. It’s always a shocker when they’re old enough to realize their throats are not a one-way hatch. Jules fell asleep again and had a couple bowls of cereal over the next few hours. She kept them down. She was a little lethargic but otherwise seemed well enough.

Hunter and Helaman had haircuts scheduled at Monica’s place, so we headed over after I picked Helaman up from school. He only attends for 8 periods this semester, so I drive over to pick him up every day. Anyway, Monica wasn’t ready for us immediately, so I stopped at the store to buy diapers. We met up at Monica’s and the boys got their haircuts. Everything took longer than I planned and as I drove home I remembered Hunter had a birthday party to attend tonight. The first I got wind of this party was last night. I was supposed to buy gifts at the store when I bought the diapers. Oops! I had work in an hour and a half, so I decided to skip a return trip to the store and planned to take Hunter to the dollar store near home before work. After shopping, he could wait at my workplace until Josh could pick him on his way home.

I got home, unloaded the car, tended to my kids, and made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Liv was getting ready for the Sadie’s dance at school. Just yesterday morning she said she wasn’t going to go with a group of friends who invited her. But after school she told me she bought a ticket. No new dress, but she found something cute in her closet and was doing her hair and makeup when I got home. With 30 minutes left before work started, I found myself scolding at kids to eat the dinner I made (what a novel idea) and rushing Hunter out to the van. I checked my phone and saw someone from work had called 20 minutes earlier. Crap! I was supposed to show up an hour earlier today than all the other days of the week.

Hunter and I raced to my work. I called Josh to come pick up Hunter and take him to the dollar store for gifts. Hunter was treated to chicken nuggets and fries while he waited in the dining area for his dad. I apologized to my manager for being late; so embarrassing! I had triple checked the schedule last night, too! I swear, if I don’t write reminders on my forearms, I miss deadlines. Sophia actually checks that I’ve written her activities on my arms so I don’t forget. It’s also high time pick up my ADHD prescription that’s been waiting at the pharmacy for 5 days.

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