Working for Money and New Years Resolutions

I applied for a job with a restaurant chain down the street yesterday and got the job today. Technically, there’s a short waiting period because the corporate office wants to make sure I’m not a wanted felon. But since I have no doubt about my status, I’m as good as hired.

I’m planning to work evenings because I want to be at home with my little ones and finish the school year homeschooling Hunter. So I’ll be working the opposite shift from DH. Part-time is all I’m looking for. It will be nice to have a few more dollars each month to strategize with. And I am looking forward to getting out of the house.

I also think it will be good for Josh and the kids. Often the word “good” brings ice cream cones and helium balloons to mind. That’s not the kind of good I’m talking about. I mean the “good” that is cod liver oil and brussel sprouts. A little wretched at the start, but with lots of personal stretching and growing involved. Long-term good.

I’ve noticed that, among my brood, Mom is the solution for all of the misplaced shoes and dirty laundry. Now that’s fine for the wee babes, but at 14, 15, and 16 years old, you gotta know how to run the washing machine! I love my kids and staying home has been my full-time job. I want to be great at it. My ambition didn’t slip because I left the workplace. Visions of perfectly organized closets and hand-polished floors run through my head. And frankly, I am a help with knowing where those lost shoes are because I trip over them all day long. But for this momma, getting out of the house may be just what the doctor ordered. For everyone.

Either that, or I’ll be back at home full time, cleaning up the disaster that is our lives in a few months. Only time will tell. . .

So I’ll be working close to home and burning the midnight oil occassionally. It’s going to be a year of changes!

Speaking of which. . .

Here’s my short list of New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Paleo / Bulletproof / Primal / Sugarettes Diet: Cut the sweets, grains, and dairy OUT! I’m definitely gonna need to pack emergency food supplies in the beginning of this venture. I’m thinking jerky and fruit. I may also need to re-read Why We Get Fat or Sugarettes on a daily basis to keep up my motivation!
  2. Each month a renovation project. For example, January is Kitchen Cupboards Month. Stay Tuned!
  3. Play piano 30 minutes a day. I took lessons along with my children for about 5 years and am not satisfied with my progress. I plan to use the principles from this youtube TED talk to get focused on my specific goals.
  4. FInish homeschooling Hunter (June deadline)
  5. Budget monthly, making note of monthly “surprises” for my records.
  6. Pay off debt we accrued last year (I’m hearing like $15K, What!? )
  7. Read the scriptures daily for 20 minutes.
  8. Exercise daily for 10 minutes (hey, it’s a start!).

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  1. Competent ambition keeps the trains moving on the right tracks! Good luck with all you’re taking on & will, no doubt, succeed at.

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