New Years Day

My brother is on leave from the Army and I’m so excited he and his wife Megan flew out here for New Years!

My little brother returned from his sixth deployment overseas last month. He’s been in for 15 years now, first with the Marines, now the Army. I’m so relieved he’s back safe. And I’m collecting signatures to lobby for a limit on the number of deployments a soldier can do over a military career!

Megan gets props, too. She’s as tough as her man for waiting, worrying, and sending care packages. She’s great!

They’re to be reassigned someonewhere warmer and state-side as he finishes up his final five years with the Army. They got two and a half months notice. They bought their first house about eighteen months ago and have 3 canine fur babies to find decent housing for, as well. Megan has only one year of college left before she can graduate with a degree in Psychology. Will her credits transfer? Should she put graduation on hold? Should they rent out the new house when they move, or sell it?

When I was a child I remember my dad getting worked up over health insurance or the price of postage stamps and thinking how dull and strange grown-ups were. I vowed I’d never turn into one of them. Not that avoiding subjects like health insurance and postage stamp costs were going to be difficult to avoid.

Somehow between then and now I grew up, and the pressures of adulthood became a lot clearer. I’m now as dull and strange as the best of adults.

But today I set those things aside. We all did. We just enjoyed the visit.

Things aren’t perfect, we have weights on our shoulders, we’ll tackle the responsibilities as needed.

But we’re all here. We’re together. Today that’s a gift I’m celebrating.

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