Free Printables: BSA Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan, Outdoor Code

I’m a Boy Scouts of America volunteer for the eleven-year-old scouts in my congregation. My partner got her Bachelor’s in Outdoor Recreation, so I’m about the luckiest leader there is. I love the outdoor stuff, but Bonnie’s knowledge and experience is an ace in the hole. I take on the paperwork tasks while she enlightens the scouts.

In order to rank as a Scout, the boys must memorize the Boy Scouts Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan and Outdoor Code. These are printed on various pages in the BSA Manual and they’re kind of a pain to locate. I went hunting a printable that has all five requirements on one page. Google FAIL!

Lucky for you, I made one.

I print this on cardstock for durablity and tell the scouts (with Mom’s approval) to put it somewhere they can see it regularly while they are a captive audience. Across from the toilet or opposite the showerhead in the shower are my personal preferences. My kids have memorized numerous scripture verses, inspirational quotes, and Vince Lombardi speeches this way.

I have two versions to share: one is the complete quotes for beginners and the other is for intermediate use, placing initial letters for some or all of the words.

Beginner/Word-for-Word BSA Oath printable: Boy Scout printable oath law slogan outdoor code

Intermediate/Initial letters BSA Oath printable: Boy Scout printable oath law slogan outdoor code memory tool

Easy-peasy printable!

Check in with the scouts each week until they get this memorized. If you forget about it, they will, too.

I currently have a scout who is struggling with these memory requirements. It’s all he has left before getting his Scout rank. Meanwhile he’s got half his Tenderfoot completed and a few of Second and First classes. While he can work on all the requirements in those ranks simultaneously, they can’t be awarded out of order. Reciting these five items from memory is critical for progression! Not to mention, it comes up frequently at Eagle Boards of Review.

Now that you have the boring stuff covered, get those scouts going; a world of adventure awaits!

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