Summer Cooking Blues

So this is what an empty pantry looks like.

It’s July 10 and my kids have been complaining that “there’s no food in this house” for a few days. It seems like forever.

What they mean is there’s no cold cereal or sliced bread from which to make large snacks and skip regular meals.

I have a few reasons for this:

  • We are budgeting again and cold cereal is a colossal waste in the Feed-Seven-Kids Department. Oats and eggs are a much better value.
  • The amount of beloved cold cereal that is thrown away is ridiculous, plus the remaining milk after the cereal is gone, which they refuse to believe is edible after it’s touched the cereal.
  •  It’s summer and I want a break from food prep! I want them to actually feed themselves but I don’t want it to be too easy. Actual work might be required. It’s a good life lesson.

Olivia had work this morning so she and I woke up before everyone else. She reheated some leftovers from last night’s fabulous Cheese Enchilada feast, but they had lost their appeal. So on our way to her workplace, I drove her through Burger King for a sorry looking Sausage Biscuit and decided to retrench. I can buck up and make breakfast. Not lunch, mind you, because it is summer, but I can take on breakfast.

I figured biscuits were the thing, so I pulled out my trusted Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook. As I gathered the ingredients I realized I was out of baking powder. I loaned it out for the Boy Scout campout this weekend and Josh hasn’t unpacked he gear from his truck yet.

Now you can sub baking soda and vinegar for baking powder, but I looked around for a recipe that didn’t require it at all.

Nun’s Puffs (p 126) were my solution.

They are similar to cream puff dough and they turned out well: crusty outsides with steamy, hollow centers.

They were not a hit.

Sophia thought they tasted of egg (she knows her doughs). She dredged her puffs in honey to cover the egg flavor.

Meredith felt hers wasn’t cooked through because of the steamy insides and that was the end of that.

The little girls licked honey off their hands.

Helaman didn’t bother.

I liked the Nun’s Puffs, but since I seem destined to finish them off myself, I won’t be making them again soon. I am stocking up on baking powder next time I go shopping.

The kids are sure that will be today.

Heh heh.

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