Household Shopping List Template

  1. One of the more useful tools I’ve developed is my Household Shopping List Template. I place the pages in plastic page protectors and put it in my Working Binder. I keep dry-erase markers in a zippered three-ring pouch nearby in my binder. Dry-erase will easily wipe off of the page protectors.

I use the Household Shopping List Template at different times:

  1. When we run low on an item, I use a dry-erase marker to check the corresponding box.
  2. When I make the meal plan for the week, I check the corresponding box and add amounts on the right, like “2 lbs” or “3 gallons”. Tally marks work well here, too.
  3. When a child requests something, I tel them to write it in the blank space on the last page. No more collecting scribbled notecards from all over the house.
  4. Before I head out for a shopping trip, I run through the whole list, now noting the unmarked items and double-checking my inventory. This has saved me countless times from heading back to the store the next day (or later that evening) for some forgotten critical item.
  5. Since I shop at a couple of stores, I’ll often mark the store name’s initial to the right of the box. I go for the items marked “T” while I’m at Tilly’s and know I haven’t forgotten something at Tilly’s when I head out to Wink’s for the items marked “W”. I do this just before I go shopping because where I purchase an item depends partly on quantities.
  6. I add errands like “post office” and “library” to the blank space on the last page. I can easily forget there errands if I’m squeezing them into a busy shopping day.
  7. While shopping, I refer to my Template and each time I put something in the cart, I use my fingertip to wipe off the mark of the Template for that item. When the pages are blank, I’m done. I love a blank slate!

Here’s my Household Shopping List Template


  • Print your Shopping List Template on cardstock for more stable handling.
  • My page protectors and template need replaced after about a year.
  • If you don’t wipe off the dry-erase marks within a week, it tends to be hard to remove. Just scribble over the marks with a fresh coat of marker and wipe off.

How do you prepare for a shopping trip or create shopping lists?

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